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Advanced contruction technology R-man, Sweden

 - To be able to stay on top we are continuously investing in competence!

Know-how is the Framework of R-man

Skills and Experience

The framework throughout our operations is built around competence, responsive and committed employees. Therefor we constantly invest in skills development and training. That is how you defense your position if you want to stay on top.

Investments in Advanced Construction Technology

We have invested in high technology for many years. Since long we are working with advanced 3D-CAD, laser measuring tools and tube bending from coils. The welding department is robotized with modern welding robots.

To be able to keep our position in the frontline as tube benders, we continuously invest in advanced production technology. For example, we can manage to bend with variable radius. The most of our bending machines are today fully electrical, which gives us an optimal tube cycle that gives high repeatability and accuracy.

Besides advanced tube bending we also deliver complete assembled units where bended tubes details are included. We are suppliers to the customers within heavy vehicle industry, heating systems and other manufacturing industries.

R-man AB
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