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Tubes and Contruktion at R-man, Sweden.

- At R-man every operator makes their own setups, which creates knowledge and understanding of the work.

Tubes and Construction
- Everyday Life at R-man

R-man in Värnamo manufactures tube constructions where tube bending is an integral part. Our customers are mainly in the heavy vehicle industry and other manufacturing industries. Our biggest customers are Scania, Volvo, Atlas Copco, Parker and Bosch.

Flexible and Efficient for a Fast Delivery

With its 50 employees R-man runs a flexible and efficient production. A long-term investment plan in new machines and automation is the key to why R-man since the start in 1980 has had a stable rise and a high demand. The intention is to have fast deliveries with high quality.

Per Vannesjö Industri AB (PVI) Group

R-man is part of Per Vannesjö Industri AB, a group for leading suppliers working with steel. Other companies in the group are Ekenäs Mekaniska AB and Esskå Metallindustri AB.


R-man AB
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